Month: June 2016

County Goes To Tender On New Playground Equipment For Local Parks

Play can be defined as simply a way of having fun that is fueled by curiosity and the spontaneous actions of kids. The learning process of play can impact significantly the development curve of a child and determine his or her future in as far as skills are concerned. Research shows that play can facilitate and accelerate substantial brain development and social skills. Here are some different types of is also crucial to the development of a child’s emotional, social, cognitive and physical capabilities.

As mentioned earlier we already know that play is very important to a child’s life because it stimulates brain development. Playing contributes a lot in laying the foundation for a more organized brain so to say and presents your child with the opportunity to engage in free rather than structured play, which helps them become innovative and develop unlimited brain power.

Having said that, it is vital for you as a parent to understand that the early stages of brain development in your child mirror the different stages of childhood play and the more play they get, the more they develop. Play develops neural connections and speeds up the cerebella synapses and development of parts of the brain corresponding to patterned activities. For a child who watches TV and plays video games all day without any physical activities, they’ll  still have those neural connections, but they won?t be as active or as fast as the ones in children who play a lot.

Through research, we have learnt that underdeveloped motor skills in kids who are at least five years old is very risky because the kid might never get a chance to further develop efficient motor skills. Indoor playground equipment provides an environment that challenges and encourages children to foster these very essential skills by involving them in different physical activities which have a lot of health benefits. Depending solely on the child’s stage of development, indoor play equipment helps the child understand body movements and progress swiftly from elementary stage to a much more advanced motor stage movements.

The play is without a doubt the primary tool for the development of a child?s imagination. Indoor Playground equipment increases the opportunities for children to engage in more physically involving play with their friends even when they are not outdoors. This kind of interaction allows kids to develop good communication skills, how to express ideas and different ways of dealing with emotions. As they play, they also get to learn by trial-and-error, how to discern relevant from not so relevant information. In simple terms, play can be a lot of fun, but it is also a very important component in the development of children.

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